Adding music

If you want to add material, you are asked to register. Registration requires only a few operations. Because the different types of material are allocated on two separate subsites, you may have to register twice (e.g. if you want to upload both a text and pictures). You will find additional instructions by clicking "English" above.

Adding music

Berichtdoor admin » 30 jan 2009 19:16

MP3 is the only format used.
Proprietary formats, like WMA, won't be played by the website's audioplayer.
Please convert uncompressed formats (like .WAV) before uploading! You could use the freely available program Switch:

Maximum filesize: 5 Mb!

  1. Please register if you don't have an account for this website
  2. login
  3. Go to the album "muziek"
  4. Click ‘add items’ on the left
  5. Click the ‘browse’-button and choose the file you want to upload
  6. Repeat the above if you want to upload multiple music-files
  7. Click ‘add items’
  8. wait for the ‘x files successfully uploaded’ message
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