Adding your memories

If you want to add material, you are asked to register. Registration requires only a few operations. Because the different types of material are allocated on two separate subsites, you may have to register twice (e.g. if you want to upload both a text and pictures). You will find additional instructions by clicking "English" above.

Adding your memories

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You will first have to register to be able to login. In the section "afscheidswoorden (memories)" click "NEWTOPIC" and enter your text.

Adding a photograph to your memory
Underneath the buttons "save", "preview" en "submit" you will find a tab "Upload attachment". Click this tab, click "browse" and select the picture you'd like to add. Click "add the file" to actually upload the attachment!, after which the file is available above the 3 buttons.

If you'd like to picture within the text and not simply underneath, simply place your cursor on the location where you want to insert the picture and click "place inline".

You can preview your contribution by clicking "Preview".

Please submit your contribution by clicking "Submit".
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