Anabel Garcia

Anabel Garcia

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Anabel Garcia schreef:I loved Joeri but above of all I admire Joeri for:
  • his curiosity
  • his clear mind
  • his love for knowledge,
  • his passion for music,
  • and his human sensibility

Joeri surprised me:
  • living in his tiny student room, with his bed under the grand piano;
  • seeing him pulling the rope of his flying piano above Martenesse Straat, where a group of multicultural neighbors where helping, amazed, and guessing: “How in earth the grand piano would fit through the narrow Dutch window!!!”
  • his crazy 6 o’clock early rowing sessions in the freezing winters
  • riding a bike with his keyboard on his back, in the frying hot streets of Cuba to take his salsa piano lessons
  • Crossing the Andes by bike, caught by a snow storm where everybody bet he would not make it, and then he appeared… with his skinny legs and a smile of triumph in his face.
  • Playing in the colorful Caribbean bands in Rotterdam, wearing his shinny, colorful shirts
  • But above of all Joeri could surprise me for his simplicity, his human sensibility and sweetness.

No so long ago I wrote him: “you are still the young boy sleeping under the piano”, and he answered “These are the sweetest words that anyone has told me before”. That is Joeri to me.

The ocean can separate people, traveling can separate people but in spite of the distance we always take the especial people with us. Joeri will always be with me and be a part of me. Joeri has changed me, he made me a better person and he made me a complete human being.

I am sure we all are taking a part of him with us because Joeri simply
was Great Man.


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